(1)Use classification (Common )
 Reefer—Uses in being probable the refrigerated cargo loading.
 Open Top—Uses in the superelevation cargo the loading.
 Flat Rack—Uses in the superelevation, the ultra width cargo loading.
 Hanger Garment Container

(2)Size classification (Common )
 T.E.U—Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit
 F.E.U—Forty Foot Equivalent Unit
 H.Q—High Cube Container
 Jumbo Container

(3)In cabinet after detailed list Volume Capacity
20height20*8*8.5 Long 5.90M 19’4.2'' 28Cubic meter 1000cu.ft 18Ton
Width 2.32M 7’7.5''
height 2.35M 7’8.5''


Long 11.80M 38’8.4'' 56Cubic meter 2000cu.ft 20Ton
Width 2.32M 7’7.5''
height 2.35M 7’8.5''


Long 11.80M 38’8.4'' 65Cubic meter 2300cu.ft 20Ton
Width 2.32M 7’7.5''
height 2.68M 8’9.2''


Long 12.30M 43’6.9" 74Cubic meter 2600cu.ft 21Ton
Width 2.32M 7’7.5''
height 2.68M 8’9.2''

Note: Overweight cabinet - its material quality many are the aluminum alloy, general till
for light, therefore may hold many weights, may also call the aluminum cabinet. Its bulk
specific gravity approximately is 21.40Ton.
(4)C.Y—Container Yard.Refers to feeds specially cabinet collection and distribution
depositing the place, may also do meaning of for the entire cabinet ,F.C.L—FullContainer

(5)C.F.S—Container Freight Station,Refers to feeds specially the place which
savesusingcontainershipping's cargo's collection and distribution. may also do
to put togethermeaning of the cabinet ,L.C.L—Less Container Load.

(6)Container Terminal—Refers to simultaneously has C.Y and C.F.S two kind of the function
cabinet terminal.

(7)The containershipping operating type, includes everything for the following four kinds:
 C.Y To C.Y—Arranges clothes/entire raises.
 C.Y To C.F.S—Arranges clothes/Spells opens.
 C.F.S To C.F.S—Assembling /Spells opens.
 C.F.S To C.Y—Assembling /entire raises.

C.F.S To C.Y,C.Y To  C.YTwo kind of situations, the US-Canada area to assembles the big
material number the goods, uses this kind to put together law of generally the cabinet. The
definition - has the identical customer (Buyer) quality approximately is 1*20'cy or the insu
fficient 1*40'cy quantity, is asks to save transport expense, the card fare and spells (opens)
the cabinet to spend , but will have the cargo to enter the ship or to tow 1*40'(HQ) to the
factory, will have the cargo to install in cabinet's inside, but surplus spatial (Space)
reloadsbuys differently the main cargo, but the identical customer's cargo inside the cabinet,
drags away by the customer this cabinet, called it makes Head-Load.
Essential condition:
The cargo must enclose the addition tows the cabinet expense, the customs with the certificate
and the burden to monitor the expense, the wall cupboard expense. the cargo itself must regard
its weight to decide, best do not surpass 12Ton, only then makes Head-Load, in order to avoid
affects other cargos the addition.

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